6x Serial Ports PC

A Face Module for RS232 / RS485 / RS422 operation

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With this FM-SER Face Module, you can get 6 full serial ports supporting RS232 / RS485 / RS422 operation as well as 2 RJ-45 jacks functioning as an isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) bus as shown on the block diagram below. 

Front view of Intense PC2 with 6 serial ports

6 serial ports for Instrumentation & Automation

We recommend the 6 serial ports face module for instrumentation and automation, to connect devices such as printers, ticket machines, industrial scales, automates or modems. 


6 serial Face Module specifications

- 3x dual RJ11 jacks functioning as RS2322, as half/full-duplex RS485 or RS422 serial ports.
- RS485 half-duplex mode requires special HW/SW adaptation
- High performance UARTS Asynchronous baud rates up to 15Mbps
- 128-byte deep TX/RX FIFOs
- Advanced FIFO fill management
- Programmable RS485 turn-around delay
- Isolated PHY with rated isolation voltage of 2.5 kV RMS

Face Module Hardware 

The 6 serial face module uses an UART Bridge PLX OXPCIe958 Controller:

- Eight 128-byte transmit and receive FIFO unit,
- Integrated DMA controller,
- Asynchronous data rate of up to 15.625 Mbps 

The face module uses 3 LTC2872 Dual Multiprotocol Transceiver:

- The three dual transceivers on board the FM-SER provide 6 multiprotocol serial ports
- Implementation of physical layer (PHY) of RS232 or RS485 serial protocol ports
- Up to 500kbps data rate from UART to RS232 and up to 15 Mbps data rate to full duplex RS485
- Supports RS422 and half duplex RS485 protocols
- Integrated termination resistors are being switched according to mode of operation
- Loopback mode for self-testing

  Block Diagram of the 6 serial Face Module

Get started today!

This face module is available on the Intense PC2 Haswell and Intense PC2 Broadwell. There’s a 4 week lead time. Get started with your project today: tell us your requirements and our team will come back to you shortly.

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