Will HTML5 revolutionise the way Digital Signage is done?

Feb 02, 2016

The digital signage market seems to be gathering momentum at quite a pace with lots of different software packages all claiming to give you amazing content to ‘wow’ your customers. But are they all as great as they claim? To be honest we haven’t tested them all, but… one that we have tested and are endorsing here at TinyGreenPC is ‘Flexitive’. Why? Read on to find out more…

1.Great content is easy to create

Flexitive is an HTML5 based platform and really is easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded your assets (text, video, image…), you can quickly and easily build eye catching and engaging graphics using the smart animation tools – no coding required!

This extreme flexibility makes it easy to update even a single part of your content - such as a price - and the change automatically publishes.

2.Your content is dynamic and engaging

Flexitive is a unique digital signage solution that outputs responsive HTML5 content meaning that the content created will look amazing on a Digital Signage screen in any aspect ratio at any size. Maybe this sounds basic, but good design is 99% of engaging your audience.

Flexitive has a great range of tools for the seasoned professional designer but is also accessible for the novice user to be up-and-running very quickly.

3.Your content is easily resizable

Flexitive has the unique capability to automatically resize your creative work for any digital media whatever the size or aspect ratio and even online assets such as banners popups and social media ads. Flexitive intelligently manages your assets and recreates the content for every size you need. Create great content at one size and Flexitive does the rest.

This feature can rapidly speed up content creation while still allowing the designer to make changes to specific sizes if required. The system is also intelligent, so it will learn from each change/modifications you want to apply.

4.Your content is responsive

Websites are moving to responsive design - so should your site content components and adverts. The smart resizing tools also offer a wide range of formats for online advertisement (300x250, 320x320, 640x100 px,…) helping you to get the best yield and best value. This also offers an amazing environment to develop interactive digital signage campaigns using touchscreens and kiosks.

5. Easy deployment and scheduling

The content can be assigned to a playlist and scheduled to run at the appropriate time. Once scheduled, it is automatically cached offline by your low cost Android Media Player, so even if the internet goes down, your content keeps playing.

As Flexitive is cloud based, you can make changes even after you’ve scheduled your content and your Media Player will automatically download the latest version of the for you.

6. Harmonise your campaigns

Flexitive is the only platform that enable users to produce HTML5 content and then publish not just to digital signage screens but to social media, online ad networks and even your own website quickly and easily: The perfect tool to create cross media campaigns with a unified look and feel.

Our take away? Flexitive is a revolutionary HTLM5 Platform!

Flexitive is a unique HTML5 digital signage solution that not only gives you a comprehensive and easy to use content creation system, but lets you deploy to multiple screens whatever the size in any orientation. Flexitive manages all the content, automatically resizing and restructuring your content to work anywhere - any screen, any location, any device, even mobile and interactive all from the same platform.

Flexitive Html5 content creation

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