FitPC4 Pro powers real-time monitoring solutions...

Sep 16, 2015

When real-time monitoring specialist LineView Solutions re-designed their flagship system, they needed a reliable, high performance and energy efficient PC to ensure real-time data communications - so up stepped the FitPC4 Pro with its quad core AMD processor operating from just 5W.

Monitoring Systems optimising production lines

LineView – the solution’s name – monitors your entire production line in real-time to provide powerful manufacturing performance intelligence to drive continuous efficiency improvements. Its clever logic ensures that all productivity loss is correctly allocated meaning that you can be absolutely sure that your improvement effort will deliver the expected results.

Showing the areas of loss such as ‘time lost due to machine stopping’ or ‘speed opportunity’, LineView highlights the principal causes of inefficiency in real-time and provides all evidence necessary to drive effective changes and to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) rapidly.

Commenting Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd: “LineView™ is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.”

The PC powering the Solution?

LineView Solutions chose our FitPC4 PRO to run its proven monitoring software due to the PC’s high performance, energy efficiency and also real-time data communication ability.

Indeed, the FitPC4 PRO is a tiny form factor PC (barely bigger than an A5 size piece of paper) which offers great cellular data communication via optional 3G modem kit. It has a built-in SIM socket on the motherboard. Based on AMD’s latest G-Series ‘Jaguar’ Quad Core 2.0GHz System-on-Chip, it draws just 8W, which is significant when you run a 24/7 system.


“The FitPC4 Pro from Tiny Green PC was an ideal solution for our product not only for its scalable specification, but also because it’s a neat solid state device - no fan, small rugged form factor, and it’s really cost effective” concluding Andrew Giles, Commercial Director of LineView Solutions.

About LineView Solutions

LineView Solutions have been developing information systems for manufacturing environments, such as the flagship LineView™ line information system, for more than 14 years and worked with some of the most recognisable names in manufacturing. All line-monitoring systems are built from an operational perspective and are designed to deliver actionable information direct to the production teams. To maximise the benefit of the systems, LineView Solutions has a team of highly experienced operational consultants who work with production teams from the start of the project to ensure that the site achieves real long term improvement.