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Creative HTML5 Content & Deployment System:
A full digital experience across all devices 

Flexitive html5

responsive HTML5 Ads 

There are hundreds of combinations of screen resolutions, operating systems & browsers.

Digital marketing needs to look great on every device, browser and screen resolution - the future is one creative that adapts to all.


your content on any device 

What if you could deploy your Ads on any digital signage, DOOH and billboard screen? Any size, any resolution.

Flexitive enables you to manage content across digital signage, mobile and online platforms.


Creative Features


Flexitive supports text, video and images... more importantly Flexitive helps you create exciting, eye catching and engaging content using rich animation and smart implementation of your different assets. 

This extreme flexibility makes it easy to update even a single part of your content such as a price and the change automatically publishes. Flexitive learns, allowing you to create one ad and Flexitive adapts this automatically to every other size with minimal manual intervention.

 Embed your videos easily with Flexitive   Add your images and text with Flexitive



Flexitive helps designers and online brand managers to scale their designs quickly and dramatically improve the workflow from mockup to live creative. Could you build 20+ layouts in 4 minutes with Flexitive? Yes, you could! Watch this video:



Flexitive helps you to create fully responsive HTML5 ads, sidebars, apps and interstitials that replace static banners. Create rapid loading and 100% viewable Ads to enhance user experience, not interrupt the visitor's journey as well as Responsive Wallpapers that adapt to any device and are 100% in-view.


Cross-Device Deployment

There are hundreds of screens and devices on which you can run your digital campaigns: laptop, tablet, mobile, billboard, outdoor and indoor digital screens... all coming with different resolutions and orientations, touch and non-touch. With Flexitive, it’s no longer about Desktop vs Mobile, Personal Mobile Computing vs DOOH. It’s about cross-device compatibility and effective powerful presentation of your media.

cross device experience

For Mobile & Online Campaigns 

Flexitive not only builds HTML5 creative content for any screen resolution, size and orientation (portrait or landscape) but also helps you to deploy and manage it.

● Preview your content to see how it looks on any device before publishing.
● Export creatives to publish via all major ad servers with trackers.
● Use a wide range of digital signage features to push content to your network of screens.
● Manage what plays where and when easily. Flexitive  even automatically varies the creative based on screen resolution and orientation.

 online marketing


For Digital Signage 

To use Flexitive for Digital Signage, all you need is a digital player that’s as smart and easy to use as Flexitive is. Meet Chrome Box.

The Chrome Box is a powerful and cost effective digital signage player that utilises Chrome OS. They are available from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Dell, Asus, HP, AOpen and Acer.

Using the Chrome OS ensures that our media players are the most robust, reliable and secure on the market with ultra-fast boot times, extensive remote management capabilities and are always up to date with the latest software – automatically.

Get a world class digital signage solution with Chrome Box.

 Chrome Box Outdoor advertising

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We’ve partnered with Flexitive to introduce this fully responsive HTML5 creative platform in Europe. We offer an enhanced level of hardware and support services for digital signage and, as a Google Partner for Work, we are able to offer a complete Chrome OS based package for digital signage networks.

Try it yourself and request your free trial (for Professional and Enterprise only).

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