All our PCs are all Fanless. The heat generated by the CPU (mainly) and the GPU is not dissipated by fans but thanks to a clever design. This is why this technology is called “passive cooling”.

The full die cast aluminium case is working as a heat sink itself, enabling the heat to disperse safely and the PC will run perfectly. There are many advantages of this, the first one being industrial reliability.

Since the day we enter the computing market, we specialised in Fanless PCs. As a result, we have had years of technological research around heat dissipation, air cooling, low power consumption, remote monitoring and communication protocol solution based products.

AMD & Intel Fanless PC

Industrial Reliability

Being fanless enables our PCs to answer challenging environments and industrial needs. They are fearless of dust, humidity, corrosion, cooling issues and will work safely in temperatures below 0°C.

Highly recommended for:

  • cold environments (-40˚C to 0˚C)
  • high temperatures (0˚C to +70˚C)
  • high humidity rate (up to 90%)
  • dusty/dirty environments
  • enclosed applications
  • in-vehicle systems

Fearless Mini PC

Low Power Consumption

Our fanless computers are powered by dual or quad core mobile CPUs. They have a tiny footprint and draw little power consumption starting from 5W for our micro range and from 15W for our mini PC range.

They are your best choice whenever low processing performance is needed, especially as firewall, CCTV client, thin client as well as for remote controlling, 24/7 operations and M2M communications.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and experience, our engineers can help you optimise your power consumption through advanced configuration & settings (Cores, TDP, Wake on Timer...).

Low Power PC