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Project Development Tiny Green PC

Project Development

We have always provided only Fanless PCs in our porduct range so we have years of technological research around heat dissipation, air cooling, low power consumption, remote monitoring and communication protocol solution based products.

We also gained a long experience in project development and we can offer guidance at all steps of your project, helping you to avoid mistakes and to speed up your evaluation time.

This starts with analysing your requirements (specs, security, environment, external devices…) and offering our support during the testing phase.

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Testing and optimising Fanless PCs

Custom Solutions & Optimisation

Thanks to our comprehensive custom solutions (and a clever product design), we can optimise our portfolio of Fanless PCs to meet your requirements.

This includes software installation (Linux, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise), memory and storage (tested in-house), I/O (PoE, LAN, optical fiber) and temperatures customisation (-40˚C to +70˚C)...

Our engineers can also optimise your power consumption and system configuration via advanced settings or suggest the best consumables' choice to support your application / environment.

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Technical support tiny green pc

Technical Support

Our engineers have created a technical platform centralising all documents you might need such as Drivers Downloads, Bios Updates, Linux Installations, Watchdog settings and Troubleshooting solutions...

This platform is continuously updated by our lab and contains all our FAQ and documentations to help you understanding your issue and find a fast solution. If needed, you can also raise a technical ticket to get assistance.

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Fitlet PC reliability

5-Year Warranty

All our Fanless PCs come with a 5-Year Warranty, full support and technical expertise. We aim to be a real partner and to provide reliable solutions and long-term services.

This also shows you how confident we are about the reliability of our offering of fanless micro and mini PCs. The picture above shows a Fitlet PC being run over by a car... It booted just fine after that!

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EOL Fanless PCs

Life Cycle Management

New generations of CPUs and OS bring enhancements (Kaby Lake, Windows 7, IoT Enterprise…) but also potentially can impact your project (EOL, security updates...).

At Tiny Green PC, we track & test everything that you might need to ensure a seamless operation of your application. Our team is here to answer your question and help you move to new generations of Fanless PCs.

Account Management Tiny Green PC

Account Services

Because each customer is unique and has unique needs, we tailor our account services to theirs. As standard, we offer of course despatch notes and updates, call-off order systems to facilitate large volume orders, security and EOL notifications. For the rest, just discuss your needs with our team.

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Unlike other companies who were forced to move from fan based to fanless products, Tiny Green PC has only ever provided fanless PCs.

As a result, we have had years of technological research around heat dissipation, air cooling, low power consumption, remote monitoring and communication protocol solution based products.

Our standard range of PCs can be optimised against specific B2B requirements and we offer customisation and testing services such as:

  • temperature testing and consumables choices
  • data communications protocol (3G, 4G, remote control...)
  • power consumption (measurement & optimisation)
  • software & devices compatibility (cameras, modem...)
  • PoE customisation via face module (4x GbE LAN) and expertise
  • BIOS setting optimisation (TDP, Wake-On-LAN)
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise installation & optimisation