Our Field Experience

Our Fanless micro PCs are at the heart of complex fire alarm management systems that monitor and ensure the safety of people in large organisations and sites with multiple buildings. Small and passively cooled, they are loved for building automation and security and preferred to run control panels and access control systems.

They are also helping running CCTV surveillance systems used in remote locations, high and famous Londoner buildings as well as in public locations (stadium, streets). They can run up to 60 cameras and handle face recognition software.

Our workstation PCs are helping international airports to control air traffic operations whereas our reliable mini computers are running on-site surveillance, security gates and X-ray scanning.

As they combined real-time data communications, reliability for outdoor and in-vehicle environments, they are operating traffic lights management systems and automatic plate recognition.

Our Tailored Solutions

As standard, our Fanless mini and micro PCs all offer an outstanding performance with:

  • best reliability for 24/7 operation
  • best reliability for outdoor applications
  • real-time data communications
  • impressive graphics (AMD powered PCs)
  • remote control features such as auto-on and wake on lan
  • low power consumption (starting at 5W)
  • 5-Year warranty and support

On top on this, we offer customisation solutions and testing services such as:

  • help with testing CCTV software and devices (NVR, cameras...)
  • PoE customisation via face module (4x GbE LAN) and expertise
  • help with data communications protocol (3G or 4G, remote control...)
  • help with temperature customisation (maximum is: -40°C to +70°C)
  • help with measuring power consumption
  • BIOS setting optimisation for remote control

Whenever used in space restriction environments, the lightweight, passive cooling and dust resistance of our computers is a real plus. You decrease any risk of malfunctions due to fans, cooling and maintenance issues.

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