Our Field Experience 

Tiny Green PC has a great history within the marine sector. Our PCs have no fans, meaning no vents, no air passing. They offer the best protection against corrosion and high humidity environment (up to 90% rate).

They have been chosen as navigation systems on racing boats and on Yachts, as control units to monitor fishing activity in the cold waters of Scandinavia or to control remotely underwater vehicles.

Our Fanless PCs offer excellent resistance to vibrations and seamless data communications. They are a perfect for in-vehicle applications and help today emergency services companies to manage their fleet of ambulances, tracking the locations of ambulances and analysing which one can be despatched to bring the fastest support and gain these precious minutes that might save a life.

We have also helped logistics companies to trace and track their fleet of trucks, manage on-time deliveries on grand scale and respect their engagements. Since recently, our Fanless mini PCs are used to run and control autonomous cars' software - a great testimony of customers' trust in our portfolio.

Our Tailored Solutions

As standard, our Fanless mini and micro PCs all offer an outstanding performance with:

  • best resistance to corrosion (90% humidity rate)
  • best resistance to dirty environments (dust, vibrations)
  • best reliability for 24/7 operation
  • real-time data communications
  • low power consumption
  • 5-Year warranty and support

On top on this, we offer customisation and testing services such as:

  • temperature customisation (maximum is: -40°C to +70°C)
  • help with temperature testing (real-time environment, consumables choices)
  • help with data & M2M communications (3G or 4G, remote control...)
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise installation & optimisation
  • help with power consumption testing (real-time environment)

Whenever used in space restriction environments, the lightweight, passive cooling and dust resistance of our computers is a real plus. You decrease any risk of malfunctions due to fans, cooling and maintenance issues.

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Thanks to our in-house expertise and our rugged fanless computers, we have developed hundreds of projects within the Rail, Road, Marine & in-vehicle systems market.

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