Our Field Experience

Thanks to fast processing performance and excellent graphics capabilities, our Fanless computers are perfect for visual machine inspection. This requires controlling cameras, computers and software whilst operating precise and repetitive verification and testing in high speed, something our computers do smoothly 24/7 with tiny footprint.

They are used to control conveyor belt monitoring, x-ray scanning systems as well as to manage imaging medical devices used during examinations and surgeries in the UK.

We are also proud to have one of our fanless Intel mini PC powering the first robotics exoskeleton ever developed to facilitate the manual handling of heavy workload for operators in the industrial and warehousing sectors.

To name of few more, we also have PCs at the heart if till machine records and wind solar management systems where they are used as controllers and participate in generating renewable energy.

Tailored Solutions

As standard, our Fanless mini and micro PCs all offer an outstanding performance with:

  • best reliability for 24/7 operation
  • best resistance to dusty-dirty environments
  • low power consumption
  • passive cooling for embedded applications
  • industrial mounting (VESA, DIN Rail brackets)
  • real-time data communications
  • 5-Year warranty and support

On top on this, we offer customisation and testing services such as:

  • software settings and installation
  • BIOS customisation
  • help with data & M2M communications (3G or 4G, remote control...)
  • help with measuring power consumption
  • temperature customisation (from -40°C to +70°C)

Whenever used in space restriction environments, the lightweight, passive cooling and dust resistance of our computers is a real plus. You decrease any risk of malfunctions due to fans, cooling and maintenance issues.

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Fanless PCs For Robotics, X-Ray scanning systems, wind solar management systems

With no fans, small size and low power consumption, it is of no surprise our computers receive a great success for industrial control and automation applications.

Customers Stories

We are dedicated in bringing seamless solutions to our customers. We helped hundreds of projects to be successfully deployed and we are proud of each of them.

Posted: May 08, 2017

Intense PC2 for the robotic exoskeleton RoboMate!

Fanless Intense PC2 is part of the European project that developed the first robotic exoskeleton full body Robo-Mate for the industrial sector!

Posted: Jun 08, 2017

Manage your PC Temperature using the TDP

Use the Thermal Design Power to manage or optimise the Heat Temperature on Fanless Mini PC. Explanation by our Engineer Max.