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Extremely small, reliable, affordable & capable.


<b>Tiny Footprint, Big Connectivity</b>

Tiny Footprint, Big Connectivity

All our computers are compact but micro PCs are the smallest form factor we offer. They are impressively small with dimensions around 11 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm. No compromise has been made on connectivity.

<b>Flexibility & Quality</b>

Flexibility & Quality

On top of quality and reliability, we give you the best flexibility and knowledge around AMD & Intel processors as well as Windows and Linux OS. We master these technologies and have been recognised as Intel Technology Provider.

<b>Knowledge & Expertise</b>

Knowledge & Expertise

We offer you a complete expertise, from the requirement to the deployment stage and beyond. We have had years of technological research around heat dissipation, BIOS optimisation, air cooling, low power consumption, remote monitoring and communication protocol.