Tiny Green PC today announced Intense PC, the latest addition to the award winning FitPC family which is based on a 2nd generation Intel® Core™i7 Processor. Intense PC is the first miniature fanless PC on the market offering high end computing performance, low power consumption, the ability to extend and customise functionality and all within a tough enclosure which looks great.

Measuring just 7.5” x 6.3” x 1.57”, the passively-cooled metal housing of the Intense PC packs a 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Sandybridge Processor with up to 16 GB dual channel DDR3-1333 providing blazing fast performance never before seen on a miniature fanless system.

Intense PC is the most feature-rich ultra-small PC on the market, having dual-head high definition displays, 7.1 channels digital audio in/out, dual GbE, 2 USB3 ports, integrated hard disk plus dual eSATA, 2 mini-PCIe sockets, 802.11n WiFi with 2 antennas and even a serial port. Intense PC incorporates the same interchangeable front FACE Module (Function And Connectivity Extension Module) found also in fit-PC3, for further extending the functionality of the computer.


“Our expertise in tight integration and advanced thermal design was found to be critical during the development of Intense PC,” said Stas Lapchev, Intense PC Project Manager at CompuLab, Tiny Green PC’s joint venture development and manufacturing partners. “We see bringing this kind of performance into a fanless design as a major achievement. Intense PC consumes just 8W in idle, yet both CPU cores can reach 2.4 GHz when the Intel® Turbo Boost kicks in - thanks in large part to the groundbreaking power management of the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor.”

Intense PC was designed with customisation and extensibility in mind. Hard disk, RAM and mini-PCIe cards are all accessible through a one-screw service door at the bottom of the computer and several types of ‘interchangeable’ FACE Modules will also be offered including FM-LAN with 4 GbE ports (for a total of 6), and FM-XTD with 2 mini-PCIe sockets (for a total of 4). Furthermore, FACE specifications and reference designs are offered to customers wanting to design their own, application specific FACE Module.

“The FitPC family has led the market of ultra small, ultra low energy, fanless, tough computers since 2007” said Rob Anders, CEO of andersDX. “The i7 IntensePC is simply a computing beast and in such a small form factor with no fan, it’s an unbelievable engineering achievement as well,” he continued.

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