Perfect Partnership at ISE

Feb 05, 2015

Built around the Raspberry Pi and integrated with the smart rendering enginer Aperture (by Silvercurve), the Raspberry Pi Media Player is a professional grade, dedicated player with an unbeatable form factor and impact profile. It offers both simple scheduling and ready templates and enterprise scalable scheduling with the award winning Instoremedia Digital Signage solution. With output to HDMI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, as well as OPS slot in and standalone versions the Pi breaks down the barriers to adopting digital signage.

Commenting, Paul Mullen, Sales Director, TinyGreenPC said, “InStore Media, Silver Curve and TinyGreenPC offer a truly joined up digital signage screen, allowing content to be created and played back quickly and simply. Silver Curve Aperture, bundled with the Pi Player, is a graphics engine that makes the outstanding graphics capabilities of the Raspberry Pi fully accessible.

The Solitaire Pi Player from TinyGreenPC is the ultimate compact, low power consumption media player that costs just £7 a year to run in terms of power.” “This is about making Digital Signage accessible to all. We believe an exceptional buy price, impact profile and limitless scale combine to make this a landmark product,” he added. Come along to the stand for a full demonstration.