A New Year Greeting Message & BREXIT Consequences

Jan 02, 2017

As we start a new year, our General Manager Paul Mullen reflects on 2016, starting with Europe, the Brexit referendum and how businesses can respond to the new uncertain world, and looks forward to what 2017 has in store.

How do you view the Brexit referendum result?

Whether you were delighted or horrified by the Brexit referendum result back in June, there is absolutely no doubt that this was a vote for change. Subsequent results in the US and Italy have reflected this desire.

How can businesses respond to the new uncertain world?

Change is a constant in our lives and in our world, but what’s new as we enter 2017 is the uncertainty. It is hard to predict what impact these three elections will have and impossible to forecast the outcome of elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Economic forecasters and political pundits know no better than anyone else what lies ahead.

"To survive in an unpredictable climate, flexibility is key."

To survive in an unpredictable climate, flexibility is key. Companies need to be nimble, reacting and moving with the times. Change brings opportunity, but in an uncertain world it is businesses that adapt quickly to changes as they happen that will succeed.

What makes Tiny Green PC unique?

The Tiny Green PC is the go anywhere, do anything computing platform for an uncertain world: ultra-compact, reliable, maintenance free – and backed by our five-year guarantee. Almost everything, processor, memory, storage, graphics, I/O and operating system, can be specified by you.

But Tiny Green PC offers not only a product but a unique and very valuable service, a partner who will consider your whole application, create the computing platform that your application needs today and adapt it as requirements change tomorrow.

How has Tiny Green PC changed in the past year?

2016 saw a significant widening of our computing platform portfolio reflecting a growing diversity of standard and specific requirements. Airtop took us into the workstation market, with a platform powerful enough to support graphics intensive tasks but cooled by a completely silent, patented, natural airflow technology.

Whilst Fitlet took us back to our origins, with an ultra-small, ultra-powerful PC even smaller and more feature rich than the original FITPC’s. For digital signage, we’ve added Android and Windows Quad Core Media Players capable of streaming in full HD format with up to 4k @60FPS resolution.

What will Tiny Green PC deliver in 2017?

Tiny Green PC will continue to be an agile, nimble, responsive team delivering flexible, go-anywhere computing capability. We will introduce a new range of FITLET PC’s, driven by Intel CPU’s in Q1 ’17 as well as launch a new bespoke Digital Art solution, offering immersive new media art from the world’s best artists, galleries and curators delivered instantly across multiple screens on your walls.

"We are always in the right place to partner with you as you respond to changes in your market, and in the economic and political climate."

We don’t know any better than the forecasters what opportunities and challenges we will see in 2017. We will continue to invest in our team and portfolio, so that we are always in the right place to partner with you as you respond to changes in your market, and in the economic and political climate.

We look forward to working more closely with you in 2017.

Paul Mullen
General Manager of Tiny Green PC

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