5 benefits of using Power Over Ethernet PCs for CCTV

Oct 03, 2016

Power over Ethernet (PoE) can make small CCTV systems so much simpler. With no need for a separate power supply to each camera, you will get a complete and reliable system that you can install anywhere (and even pay less for that!). That's why we offer a range of fanless mini PCs with Power over Ethernet capabilities via a PoE FACE™ Module. Read this article written by Viru Patel!

Get an all-in-one Security System

Some 35% of security cameras are now powered through PoE, and PoE enabled cameras are readily obtainable. Suitable security software that is compatible with PoE enabled cameras is available too (ONVIF Compliant Standard).

Such cameras, used with the PoE FACE Module allow you to quickly and easily set up a 4-camera security system to control your installation or premises (shelves, tiles, entrance).

The FACE module offers 48V 802.3af standard PoE so the cameras can be located up to 100 meters from the PC.


Install Anywhere with PoE (even in the ceiling!)

As the power is fully integrated within Ethernet cable, a PoE device can be easily deployed and easily moved. No need for AC power outlets!

PoE is a smart answer for hard to reach locations such as ceilings or outdoor locations. You don’t have to find an AC power source for each camera, so it minimises disruption and simplifies security installations.

Poe outdoor applications

Reduce The Initial & Running Costs

With the PoE module, your network is powered from one power supply from the front of your PC: you only need one socket to run the whole system!

The need for a separate power supply for each camera is eliminated - reducing the number of power plugs and cabling. You still have two additional GbE ports at the back of the PC to connect the sub network to the main network. So you don’t need a switch either (saving at least £40 per installation).

4 POE devices, cameras, modem, sensors

2 additional GbE

The Face Module provides the power to all devices and will reduce the current for the full installation. Reduce your running costs and save on your energy bills, all the more critical if you are operating 24/7.

Improve Your System's Reliability

For any CCTV system it is essential that you have a reliable device that will keep monitoring and recording on a 24/7 basis. The PoE solution that we recommend is based on our robust and reliable fanless PCs. High quality design, no fans, no dust and no cooling issues.

We are very proud of our products and very confident in their robustness – that why our business customers get a 5-year warranty!

Benefit From Our Expertise

We have tested the module using 4 D-Link PoE Cameras and Milestone XProtect Essential 2014 software in our lab. We are fully able to answer questions, give you advice and customise your system. We are offering two models with PoE at present that can also be used with IP Phone, Modem or IP sensors to collect scientific data or record experience.

See our PCs with Power Over Ethernet or contact us to discuss any specific requirements!

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