Introducing Airtop! Desktops just got “cool” again

Jan 14, 2016

It’s rare to put the words ‘disruptive’ and ‘PC technology’ in the same sentence but that’s just what I’m having to do. Airtop is a first class fanless desktop PC that combines breakthrough performance and customisation, a completely new silent cooling technology and an exceptionally open design.

First class Performance and Customisation

There are a lot of impressive features I could discuss about Airtop and still some I don’t know about yet but my first reaction was to the performance. Powered by Quad Core Intel processors, Airtop is opening many new possibilities for in many markets including security, military, SOHO, communications and medical markets - matching an existing strong demand.

Airtop is a compact 7.5 litre desktop, yet its passively cooled 200W power-envelope incorporates not only a high performance desktop processor, but also a full-height professional graphics card - a combination that provides unparalleled performance for a small-form-factor PC.

Fanless Desktop PC Airtop

On top of this, Airtop is one of the most versatile PC platforms that we have come across with a choice of processors, graphics cards and full support for customisation including easy expandability and connectivity, it comes in several different core versions, each of which can be adapted and extended:

- Airtop S: a passively cooled server with an Intel® Xeon® quad-core Processor E3, 32 GB ECC RAM, 4 hard-disks in RAID and 6 Gbit Ethernet ports for small business, home automation & security.
- Airtop W: the only fanless small-form-factor workstation with an Intel® Xeon® quad-core Processor E3 and full-height NVIDIA® QUADRO® M4000 graphics card. For SOHO application: large storage, great performance and graphics.
- Airtop G: a zero-fans gaming desktop with an Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core Processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 graphics card.

Breakthrough natural-airflow cooling

The other significant feature of the PC is the unprecedented passive-cooling capacity is based on a new heat-exchange system that stimulates airflow without moving parts – that means NO FANS! Airtop can dissipate 200W by a patent-pending silent cooling-system that generates natural airflow using no moving parts. Airtop is the only small desktop that can do that!

The real breakthrough is the scalability of this natural air-flow (NAF) cooling technology. Unlike conventional fanless cooling that scales with surface area, NAF scales with volume, making it an effective solution for many real-world cooling problems.

Airtop is a technical marvel, and absolute dream come true. The game-changer we were waiting for.” - the definitive source for fanless computing news.

Exceptionally open by design

Airtop is customisable all the way down allowing you to choose, install and upgrade its hardware at will. The hard disks, memory and extension cards are neatly arranged for easy tool-free access addressing the challenge of excellent serviceability of a fanless system.

Fanless Desktop PC Airtop

All Airtop models are available Barebone or pre-installed with Linux Mint or Windows and comes with a 5 year warranty. Airtop is also available as a DIY kit (1 year warranty).