Celebrating 65 Years of Outstanding Technology

Oct 09, 2017

Anders Electronics Plc celebrates its 65th birthday this year! This is an exceptional milestone for our group encompassing andersDX, anders meters and Tiny Green PC. It means that, as a company, we’ve seen the birth of most of the display technologies in common use today, and outlived several too.

65 Years of Tech Revolution

The world has changed beyond all recognition since 1952 and so have we. We have continuously evolved our expertise, technology and service to anticipate and exceed our customers' expectations. We know the tech revolution is far from being done. On the contrary, the future certainly holds some exciting and new challenges and we are ready to embrace them!

Watch our people explaining our journey from analog to digital and discover how we have come to offering the best-in-class displays solutions and to developing our industrial computing solutions, including the creation of Tiny Green PC in the last decade.

Because our aim is to always be the partner that matters, we will continue to push back the tech frontiers. That was true 65 years ago when we started, is true today and will remain true in the future. This is not the end... this is just the beginning!

Celebrate with us!

anders electronics 65th anniversary