Answering Your Questions About Fitlet2

Dec 04, 2017

Can I Buy Fitlet2 Today?

Yes, you can order and buy your Fitlet2 now. Due to comprehensive customisation options, the only way to order Fitlet2 is to fill the contact form at the bottom of the product page. Just fill the form and our sales team will contact you. Please specify your requirements, needs as well as the model you wish, so our experts can evaluate your request and come to you with a quote or suggestions.

FitPC2 or Fitlet2?

We usually recommend our customers to chose the latest generation of computers in order to get all benefits and improvements which come along and secure projects' longevity. Would you like to receive documentation about the difference between Fitlet2 and FitPC2? Just request it..

Technical Questions About Fitlet2

Our lab put together a technical FAQ to answer your questions about memory (ECC memory, SODIMM, DDR4, 16GB or 8GB?), storage (storage devices, performance and FACET) and wireless communications (4G / LTE cellular modem, mini PCE...).

Where Can I find Comparison Table & Documentation?

The Fitlet2 Range Datasheet compares key customisation options, helping you to find which processors, FACETs, housings and mountings are more relevant for your applications while the Fitlet2 Product Datasheet details all specifications (memory, graphics, connectivity...), diagrams and accessories compatibility.

What Is The Lead Time On Fitlet2?

Many models with E3950 or J3455 are ready to be shipped from the lab. Fitlet2 with E3930 CPU will be available from mid-January: subscribe to our newsletter to receive a notification.

Some customisation options might require a lead time but our team will let you know when they send you the quotation or talk to you on the phone.

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