What does being an “Intel® Technology Provider” mean?

Feb 02, 2017

Tiny Green PC has been offering Intel based products and micro computers for a very long time. However, as part of our mission to give our customers the right technology and the best expertise, we have registered onto the Intel® Technology Provider Program. Here we explain what it means for our customers.

The Intel® Technology Provider Program

Amongst other benefits, the Intel® Technology Provider Program gives our engineers direct access to ‘Ask Intel’ support as well as to Intel’s own training programme. Participation in these training events and webinars will ensure we provide the most up-to-date technology to our customers.

It is part of our remit to constantly strive for improvement and ensure we deliver long-term computing solutions for B2B companies across Europe.

Intel technology provider logo

Giving you the best of B2B mini PC

Tiny Green PC is a trading division of Anders Electronics plc and is headquartered in London, where we test, customise and configure our reliable and class-leading micro computers such as Intense PC, Fit PC, Fitlet and Airtop.

Adding value through custom design and configuration services, software integration, installation and financing, we help companies find the right hardware for CCTV, networking, industrial applications and business computing - making great long-term commercial sense.

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