Trusted Platform Module Chip, Ideal for Data Protection

Jan 30, 2017

Data Protection Via A Chip

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip processor stores passwords, encryption keys and digital certificates, providing added security in case your PC gets lost or stolen. The TPM chip also allows data stored on the hard drive to be encrypted. Even experts and specialists will struggle to break in.

data protection

TPM Chip Used By US Department Of Defense

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Chip is designed by the Trusted Computing Group. The technology has a great pedigree. It is used on many laptops and used by prestigious agencies such as the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

TPM Available At Tiny Green PC

The TPM chip is available on many of our fanless and reliable computers such as Intense PC2, MicroSVR and Airtop. It can be fitted on customers’ request so just contact our team.

Diagrams of Intense PC2 with Trusted Platform Module Chip

To protect your data PC, a small chip called TPM can be fitted in the PC on customer’s request.

Have a look at our great mini computers to find the PC that can run your application safely or contact our experts to discuss all our solutions enabling you to protect your hardware and data.

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