How much can I customise my PC?

Jun 06, 2016

Our discussion on processor, memory and graphics in earlier Knowledge Base posts rather assumes that you’re able to obtain the exact PC that you want.

Within the desktop PC market, Dell is famous for allowing you to configure to a great extent the specification of the PC that you would like. Many other retailers offer you a choice of the machines that they have in stock.

It’s exactly the same in the fanless PC market. An attractive deal on a large e-commerce site may become less appealing when you reflect that the bargain machine has a faster processor than you’d ideally like and less memory.

If you go for this machine, you will be paying in terms of cost and power consumption for a processor that you don’t really need, which is throttled in any case by insufficient memory.

Long Term Supply

Worse still, if you come back to the site in a few weeks and try to place a repeat order, you may well find that the machine you ordered last time is out of stock, and you’re forced to choose another compromise solution.

Professional systems integrators need to work with a partner that will help them arrive at the specification that best supports their application and their budget, and are able to supply that machine long term.

Fanless PCs with 5 years warranty
At TinyGreenPC, our fanless PCs come with a superior lifetime and are made to last, that’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on our customers.

Storage & OS pre-installed

It is also worth checking if the memory and the Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive is pre-installed, and if the machine is supplied working out of the box with your chosen operating system.

open fanless mini PC
At TinyGreenPC, you can purchase already configured PCs, fully tested and customised by our passionate engineers.

Connectivity and Integration to a system

Having chosen the ideal machine for our application and made sure that it is available, it’s time to widen our thinking. Unlike desktop PCs, fanless PCs are normally integrated into a system.

I/O and ports that you choose can make a huge difference to the performance, cost and size of the system as a whole. This is what we’ll look at in our next Knowledge Base post.