Fast Intel Mini PC with Dual NIC Connectivity

Mar 29, 2017

Powered by 5th gen dual core Intel CPU (i7-5600U 2.6GHz@15W), Intense PC2 Broadwell is a fast and rugged mini PC delivering great expandability, connectivity and reliability thanks a smart and passively cooled design.

Mini PC i7 with Dual NIC and rich I/O

Intense PC2 Broadwell offers great reliability thanks to passive cooling and no moving parts (we offer a 5-year warranty for our B2B customers). It comes rich I/O: cellular and network communication, triple video outputs, dual Ethernet (Intel NIC), triple serial ports, 4x USB 3, 2x USB 2, 1x micro SIM socket… all in a small form factor as it measures just 19cm x 16cm x 4cm!

For these reasons, IPC2 Broadwell is highly recommended for extensive and industrial applications including mobile computing, remote controlling, real-time communications and outdoor applications.

Two versions are available: Intel Core i7-5600U 2.6GHz@15W (3.2GHz turbo boost) 15W and Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz@15W.

Highly Customisable: Linux, POE, Temperatures…

As usually with our compact fanless computers, many software and hardware customisations are available such as dual built-in fibre optic ports, 4xPOE ports, 4 extra LAN ports,... via Face Module.

You can specify your OS (windows, Linux...), storage and memory (up to 32GB) on the product pages or directly with our Team. For large orders and temperature customisation, please talk to our team.

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