Comparing Fitlet2 and FitPC2

Jan 02, 2018

Since its release in 2008, FitPC2 has had an incredible impact and been one of the most preferred computers of our portfolio. With the arrival of Fitlet2 and its outstanding features, it is time for you (and us) to say good-bye to FitPC2. This PC will be discontinued by the end of January but don’t worry, Fitlet2 is more than an exciting replacement.

Similar Micro-Sized PC

Fitlet2, like FitPC2, belongs to the micro PC family. Dimensions are extremely compact, giving you these precious millimetres you need to fit the PC inside industrial or CCTV roadside cabinets. Several housings are available, which is another big plus.

The default model (built-in heatsink for intensive needs) measures just 11.2 x 8.4 x 3.4 cm. The low power housing (designed for low processing needs) measures 11.2 x 8.4 x 2.5 mm versus 11.5 x 10 x 2 cm for FitPC2.

fitpc2 atom dimensionsfitlet2 dimensions size
Size-wise, FitPC2 (on the left) and fitlet2 (on the right) offer similar features.

5 Times More Processing Power

With a big jump in Intel processor generation and thanks to quad core 64-bit CPUs, Fitlet2 offers 5 times the FitPC2 processing power while keeping similar micro form factor and passive cooling technology. Impressed?

If you were using FitPC2 to process low volume data, you would be pleased with E3930. This dual core Apollo Lake Intel CPU has a speed range from 1.30 GHz to 1.60 GHz (6.5W TDP).




Atom Z530
Atom Z550

Atom E3930
Atom E3950
Celeron J3455

Code Name


Apollo Lake


Single core

E3930: Dual core
E3950/ J3455: Quad core




Speed Range

Atom Z530 @1.6GHz
Atom Z550 @1.6GHz

E3930 @1.3 to 1.8GHz
E3950 @1.6 to 2GHz
J3455 @1.5 to 2.3GHz

Geekbench score

Atom Z530: 810 (Geekbench2)
Atom Z550: 842 (Geekbench2)

E3950: 4325 (Geekbench3)
J3455: 4700 (Geekbench3)

Find out more about Fitlet2 processors

Optimal Heat Dissipation

When you add quad core processing performance in a small case without fans, you obviously need to look at the heat dissipation. The design of Fitlet2 offers a stunning answer thanks to a built-in heatsink with new cooling fins and a new storage heat plate. This is very impressive: not long ago, a processing performance of the likes of the new Fitlet2 could not be fitted in such a small passively-cooled footprint.

Fitlet2 micro Apollo lake PC Hardware cooling fins fitlet2
Left: ultra-efficient heat plate for storage cooling. Right: integrated heatsink with new cooling fins.

Improved Versatility

Fitlet2 has been designed with rugged and easily customisable interlocking parts to offer flexibility and versatility. Connectivity is customisable via extension cards (FACET) and options enabling you to add simultaneously WiFi and Cellular or additional GbE LAN ports for example.

fitlet2 exploded view

Thanks to housings and processors options, you can benefit from the improved technology and performance of Fitlet2 while creating the PC you need. As you can see, Fitlet2 design is from a very different mindset from the one behind FitPC2’s design. You have options to answer your processing needs (3 processors) as well as your application and environment (3 housings).

Latest Technology Benefits

As the technology evolves, PCs get even better implementing new generation of processors and components such as M.2 SATA (latest storage tech). Fitlet2 is using processors from the Apollo Lake code name: this means improved data communications and faster processing tasks for the versions with 64-bit quad core CPUs.

Apollo Lake processors also bring enhanced security features, reliability and performance over previous generations. They have been especially developed by Intel for IoT applications and connected business so if you are looking for a small PC with tiny footprint and IoT capability, this is the PC to look at. We recommended it with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB (entry licence).

Fanless PC with Tiny Footprint

Fitlet2 offers a low power consumption of around 5W-15W compared to 5W-8W for FitPC2. Taking the processing capability of Fitlet2 into account (quad core 64-bit), this is a very aggressive performance.

Note that these data depend on CPU load and system configuration. For a more accurate measurement, you will need to test and measure your power consumption with Fitlet2 in real conditions. Our lab can help: just ask our engineers.

Price Wise?

This is the cherry on top. The Fitlet2 is extremely competitive in terms of price. Barebone price starts from £157, half less than FitPC2, and comes of course with our 5-Year warranty and support. Are you ready to take the next step? Contact us to discuss application and quotation.

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