Can Your Fanless PC Withstand Extreme Conditions?

Jul 13, 2016

Factories. Warehouses. Fishing boats. Chicken farms. You name it, there is probably a compact PC being used there – often with just the standard case for protection. Fanless PCs can withstand many industrial environments due to their ruggedness. But how resistant can my Fanless PC be?

Against Solids Like Dust

As there is no fan to suck in dust or other solids, although they aren’t sealed, we know that a Fanless PC can run perfectly in all kinds of dusty environments without having to add any further protection.

Fanless PC withstanding dusty environments

Fanless PC can withstand dusty environments such as wood factory or chicken farm...

Against Liquids

Fanless PCs may be partially immersed (for example by water coming over the side of a boat) BUT they can’t be submerged. For full protection against liquids, we recommend our customers use an additional IP65 sealed metal case for example.

Fanless PC and water

Fanless PC doesn't fear a bit of water but protect them about submersion.

Our PCs generate very little heat so heat dissipation won’t be an issue. In fact, just bolt the PC to the inside of the metal case and this one will act as a heat sink. A smart system that can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Against Shocks & Vibrations

Some Fanless PCs are especially built to resist extreme conditions such as the recently released Fitlet-RM. This ruggedised miniature quad core AMD PC has been driven over by a car, dropped from a plane and dragged behind a Land Rover and still booted up just fine.

Fanless PC withstanding shocks vibrations

Fitlet-RM has been driven over by a car and still booted just fine...

Fitlet RM comes with an all metal case with interlocking parts for structural strength, and provides excellent durability against extreme conditions of shock and vibration but also temperatures and dust. It operates at an unusually wide temperature range of -400C to 700C and is a great choice for dusty, corrosive or humid environments. It is also perfect for sterilised rooms.

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