Prevent Critical Power Failure With Ultra-Small UPS Battery

Nov 14, 2016

Power failures can be critical for your application causing bricking, file-system corruption, downtime and failed reboots, critical loss of data, loss of money and maintenance costs.

Fit Uptime ensures that things get going by providing uninterruptible power supply if the mains fail. This fanless mini UPS Battery provides back up power, giving you time to find the cause of the shutdown while saving your computer from going out of charge.

Fast output switching for unnoticed power failure

Mini UPS Fit Uptime works like an external battery pack/charger with one major improvement: a very fast output switching between line power and battery backup. Thus, when grid power is lost and later resumed, it goes unnoticed by the PC.

fit uptime preventing critical power failures

Out of the Box Solution

Fit Uptime can protect your PC immediately out-of-the-box. There are no drivers or software to install, no interference with the normal operation of the PC, no system re-testing required. Fit Uptime is also very straightforward to install as our engineer explains the steps here.

Power Failures are no longer critical

Once installed and plugged, your machine is protected by Fit Uptime. If the power of your installation goes off, Fit Uptime provides 18watt-hour of back-up power for your computer.

Fitlet I and X, our micro AMD PCs, are consuming from 4.5 to 10.5 watts. So depending on your settings and thus consumption, mini UPS battery Fit Uptime can provide up to 3 hours of back-up power. If you’d like to know more, contact our technical team!

mini ups battery fit uptime

We recommend Fit Uptime with our range of fanless rugged PCs such as Intense PC2, Intense PC3, Fitlet or Fit-PC4 as the Fit Uptime has been especially developed for their lock connector. This mini UPS Battery is also compatible with many 12V mini computers by other manufacturers.

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