Unveiling IPC3 - the Mini Intel Kaby Lake PC!

Jun 23, 2017

What happens when the latest Intel CPU gets inside a Fanless Intense PC? Watch Viru Patel and Maxime Fazilleau go through the most exciting features of the new IPC3.

Unveiling IPC3 Kaby Lake in a Nutshell

We have been talking a lot about IPC3 Kaby Lake lately because its features are very exciting! Intense PC3 combines the performance gains and power efficiency of the Intel® Core™ processor Kaby Lake with the immense configurability and proven reliability from previous IPC generations.

In other words, this new PC is small, reliable, fanless and customisable as the other IPCs, but also gives you more processing performance (2.7/3.5GHz Dual Core 64-bit i7 7500 CPU), low power consumption (Mobile CPU with a TDP 15W) and better graphics capabilities (thanks to its 4K Ready Processor and improved GPU).

Monitoring and Outdoor Applications

We especially recommend Intense PC3 for industrial applications, real-time monitoring, CCTV, video surveillance, and transportation as well as outdoor applications and extreme environments as we explain in the video.

However, IPC3 can do much more! Check the full specs and applications or ask for a technical expertise.

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