3 Reasons to Update or Reset the BIOS of your fanless PC

Mar 12, 2017

BIOS Updates & New Settings

Developers improve the BIOS as the time goes. One good reason to update your BIOS is that the technology brings new devices and new settings not obviously compatible with the previous version of the BIOS.

If you need to change your devices, or consumable, verify they are correctly recognised on the BIOS.

Full Control Of Your Options

As we explained in this previous blog, you can configure most of the settings you need from the BIOS such as PCIe settings, USB ports functions, power setting, booting options…

So, update your BIOS to have full control and enable options such as Auto-On or AHCI features or on the contrary to disable options. This way, you can prevent settings to be activated.

How Do I Know When I Need To Update My BIOS?

When we get a BIOS update from the manufacturer, we implement it on our fanless mini PCs before delivering them to our customers so they know their BIOS is up-to-date. Customers who already have one of our mini PCs are informed by emails if they have subscribed to our newsletter.

Intense PC2 Bios Update in our support system

BIOS Updates are accessible from our support system

Reset The BIOS To Solve Issues

This is a very important advice: resetting the BIOS of your PC is most of the time all you need to do to have your fanless PC working again! A simple BIOS reset can bring your system alive without having to send it back to us for support.

Most of the PCs which arrive in the lab for troubleshooting just need a BIOS reset so we advise you to reset the BIOS using your support system documents before asking for a support.

Intense PC2 SBC with BIOS and RAM Reset
Intense PC2 SBC with BIOS and RAM Reset

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