What is the Function of the BIOS on a mini PC?

Mar 05, 2017

The BIOS – which stands for Basic Input Output System – is one important part of your system. It is a program developed for your computer to boot up.

The BIOS first determines whether all components are in place and correctly working. Then it loads the operating system into your computer's random access memory (RAM) from your hard disk (or installation storage).

The BIOS determines what your micro PC can do

So basically, this firmware developed for your PC determines what your computer can do or not. On personal computers (PCs), the BIOS contains all the code required to control the keyboard, display screen, disk drives, serial communications…

Bios advanced menu NGC-1
Advanced menu NGC-1

On our Fanless Intel and AMD mini PCs, the BIOS are developed and updated by the manufacturer of the Motherboard. You will find many information about the Hardware of your platform (memory information, CPU information, bootable devices…).

What settings are configured in the BIOS of my fanless pc?

From the BIOS, you can configure most of the settings you need in case you have specific need: PCIe settings, USB ports functions, power setting, booting options…

USB Options NGC-1
USB Options NGC-1

Most of the BIOS options are already configured for the PC you buy by default. If you use a specific drive, or want to change a feature, go into BIOS, change and save the setting you need and you are ready to go.

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